Residency Personal Statement Analysis

Why Would You Need Residency Personal Statement Help?

Gaining a residency place is a vital part of your medical training and the only way that you will become licensed to practice. Your application will be made through the Electronic Residency Application Service ERAS and will need to include a highly effective and persuasive personal statement if you are to be selected. Often your qualifications and background are going to be similar to many of the other applicants so how your residency personal statement is written is going to have a significant impact on your chance of being selected.

But writing a residency application personal statement is not a simple task by any stretch of the imagination. Just as a finance personal statement must be highly focused your residency statement must also be carefully tailored to the specific application you are making. It needs to show you off in the best way possible if you are to have any chance of being selected by the committee.

Our residency personal statement editing and writing help has been supporting applicants through ERAS for several years. Our experts fully understand the application process for your branch of medicine and will ensure that you submit an effective essay that is going to get you noticed. We are confident that our support will always fully satisfy all of your needs.

How Can Our Residency Personal Statement Editing Service Help You?

If you look at our residency and med school personal statement examples you will see the very high standard of writing that is required. This can be daunting for many applicants who simply do not have the writing skills or the time available to write their perfect residency personal statement even though their qualifications and skills are more than up to the training that they are applying to.

We, however, can help you to submit the best residency personal statement through the help of our perfectly qualified specialists. With several years working to help applicants at this level we have put together a sizable team that knows precisely how your statement needs to be written if it is to be effective. Through them we are able to offer a wide range of support that is always carefully tailored to your needs:

  • Writing a personal statement for residency: our writers are all postgraduate degree holders with many years of experience within the branch of medicine in which you are applying. They work directly with you to craft highly personalized and unique personal statements that will are written in a style that will make you memorable to the committee reviewing your application.
  • Residency personal statement analysis: if you have written your personal statement and just want a professional opinion as to how it reads our experts can help you. We will be able to offer you a full critique of your writing and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your writing. This will enable you to make the changes that are required to make your statement stand out from the other applicants.
  • Personal statement editing: Our editors are fully certified and experienced in reviewing personal statements at this level. They will be able to not only identify all of the issues and improvements that will need to be made but also provide you with a fully marked up copy of your statement with all of their suggested improvements.
  • Proofreading your personal statement: submitting something that contains errors says to the reader that either you are a sloppy worker or that you are not as interested in the application as you say you are. Either way you are not going to get accepted. Our proofreaders can make sure that your writing is error free before you make your application.

residency personal statement analysis

The Benefits of Working with Us for Your Residency Application Personal Statement

We know that you really want to land that residency place. After all where you do your training can have a huge impact on your future career prospects. But getting the place you want is a competitive process and all aspects of your application need to be top notch if you are to have any chance of being selected for that interview.

There are many different online services out there, the problem is that many offer services through staff that are barely qualified and may not even have basic English skills. The results are almost always very poorly written statements or ones that have been simply copied. We want the best for our clients and have helped many successfully over the last several years. We have built a team of true professionals to help you and we are confident that our services will always supply the best. We offer you:

  • Highly qualified personal statement writers and editors that hold a postgraduate degree in your area of application.
  • Staff that fully understand the application process through ERAS and the specific expectations of the residency program that you are applying to.
  • High level English language skills and the ability to write in a very effective manner for your personal statement.
  • Unique writing: our experts work directly with you right from onset and write according to your expectations at all times from scratch. We also provide you a plagiarism report with all services.
  • Error free: we know that even the most skilled writers make mistakes which is why all of our editing and writing services come with free proofreading.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with your residency application or we will provide you with a full refund if we cannot fix your problem.
  • Guaranteed confidential support through all of our services. We don’t share your details or any aspects of your writing .

Write the Best Residency Statement of Purpose

Copying or simply adapting our personal statement examples for your residency application is not going to help your application. Only perfectly written and personalized statements are likely to be effective. The following issues should always be reviewed within your writing if you want to make an impact:

  • Did you cover the answer to the prompt for your essay?
  • Is the opening line able to get the full attention of the reader?
  • Are you using words that are appropriate for your audience?
  • Have you avoided all acronyms and any slang?
  • Have you avoided any use of clichés within your writing?
  • Have you told an engaging story with your application?
  • Is everything you have written relevant to the program you are applying to?
  • Have you made claims that are unsubstantiated?
  • Have you failed to proofread your writing?

As the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine informs prospective applicants:

“The goal is to eloquently convey how and why you are qualified for the position to which you are applying. In the case of a residency position, you want to make clear the basis of your interest in that specialty and, if possible, that particular program.”

Get in touch with our professional writing and editing services today to provide yourself with a true edge over your competition when writing your perfect residency personal statement.