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personal statement analysis assistanceWhether you are trying to get into college or you are applying for postgraduate training you will be asked to provide a personal statement as part of your application. Also known as a admissions essay or statement of purpose it will often be the most important part of the documentation that you will have to provide. Almost every place and subject is oversubscribed, some of the more competitive colleges accept less than 10% of those that apply.

Careful personal statement editing is required if you want to make yourself stand out and get offered a place. Many of those that you compete against will hold similar grades and other background information so the personal statement is going to be your only route to showing that you are the best choice for a place. Careful personal statement analysis will help you to understand just what needs to be changed within your statement to make sure that your application is noticed and that your name will be remembered when the decisions are made.

Our personal statement editing service is one of the most effective that you will find online. We can help to ensure that you submit the best personal statement as our experts are some of the best that you will find. We have been growing our team of specialists for several years and can offer your support through fully qualified writers and editors that fully understand just how your application essay needs to be put together to give you the greatest chance of success.

Our Personal Statement Editing Team Is the Best Qualified

cheap personal statement analysisKnowing what should be in a personal statement and the style of writing that must be employed is very important if you want to be a success through the admission process. This is why you need a personal statement tutor that cannot only write well but also fully understands just what is expected through the application process. With several years working in this field we have put together a large and highly qualified team, many of whom have worked for us for 5 years or more and have been able to prove their superior skills many times over with our clients.

When you ask us for support we will always carefully review your specific requirements and will always match you with a PS editor or writer that will be perfectly qualified to help you. Through us you can get to work with staff that are:

  • Best qualified personal statement checker

Our editing team are all postgraduate degree qualified and fully certified editors and proofreaders. Each works within the specific fields in which they are qualified and has already successfully supported many clients with successful applications. They work directly with you through our services to fully understand your application and will provide you with a fully marked up version of your statement showing their suggested improvements. Their suggested improvements will cover areas such as the removal of clichés, better targeting the specific expectations of the committee and generally improving the readability of your statement.

  • Who are your experts to help me write a personal statement?

We offer a full writing service through specialists that work within the areas in which they are fully qualified to help. You will be working with a superior writer that will hold a postgraduate degree and have a full understanding of the expectations of the program you are applying to. They work directly with you at all times so that they can use your personal experiences and ambitions to write a highly effective statement that will impress. They have excellent English language skills and are able to apply them with highly persuasive and effective writing for your statement.

  • Our effective support team

You are able to access our very friendly support team 24/7 through our website either online or over the telephone. Each has excellent communication skills within English and will be able to help you promptly with any query that you may have concerning our services. They are fully knowledgeable about the services that we offer as well as the application process that you are following.

Why Work with Our Personal Statement Editors and Writers?

high-quality personal statement analysisWe want your application to be a success and offer you everything possible to ensure it. We provide the best writers and editors that you will find and at a highly competitive price that you will find hard to better anywhere else. Through us you will also get to benefit from:

  • Free testing for plagiarism and a free report to confirm that your statement will always be unique to you
  • Free proofreading on the PS services that we provide so that you can submit writing that is free from errors
  • On time delivery of your statement every time and a quick turnaround no matter what deadline you select
  • Only you know that you have used our help; all of our services are fully confidential
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed: we will make any changes that you require and if we are not able to fully satisfy your expectations we will refund your money

Simple Steps to Writing a Personal Statement

Submitting a personal statement that will impress is not difficult if you make use of our services. Whether you need support with writing or editing you will always get the best help promptly through our services. To access personal statement help online these are the steps to follow:

Order our personal statement editing help

Orders are made by completing the form on our website that can be accessed from anywhere in the world 24/7. The information that you provide is fully confidential and we are never going to share it elsewhere. Don’t forget to let us know just how quickly you need your support; this can be as quick as just 12 hours.

Pay for your personal statement help

Our services are fully detailed on our website along with our highly competitive pricing. There are no hidden charges and your payment is fully protected by our full satisfaction money back guarantee. Payments are accepted through both PayPal and credit card and are made using trusted and secure methods for your protection.

  • Your specialist is assigned to work with you

Your order is carefully reviewed and your specialist will be assigned from our pool of more than 200 experts. They will contact you through our service by email to confirm your order and to start the process. Should you wish to change your expert this can be done through the members area of our site.

  • Direct communication with your expert

A personal statement must carefully reflect you as well as what the admissions committee will be looking for. To achieve this our writers and editors will work directly with you through the process so as to get the best possible results through your writing. All writing and editing is done with you and from scratch to ensure that your statement will be unique and perfectly written for you.

Review the draft

Our aim is for you to always be fully satisfied with the work that is provided. If you feel that any changes are required then our services provide for unlimited revisions and our experts will work with you to execute those changes until you are fully happy with how your statement reads.

Receive your finished personal statement

On completion of any alterations your statement will be correctly formatted, proofread to a high standard and a plagiarism report will be generated. All work is completed to a high standard and delivered to you within the deadline that will have been agreed at the start of our simple process.

Don’t take chances with your application; ensure that your writing will stand out by making use of our highly effective and reliable personal statement editing here today.