Dental School Personal Statement Analysis

Do You Need Help Writing a Personal Statement for Dental School?

Dental school is one of the most competitive areas for you to apply and many of the more popular schools accept only a fraction of those that are seeking a place. Standards are high and you will almost certainly be competing against many others that will be as equally well qualified as you. While your DAT score and GPA are important they are not all that you are judged on. Therefore your dentistry personal statement can be one of the most important parts of your documentation.

Your dental application personal statement is your opportunity to inform the admissions committee just why it is that you should be accepted. Being able to write in a highly effective and persuasive way is vital if you want to get accepted. You also have to think carefully as to what you need to cover. Applying to dentistry is very different to writing a finance personal statement or a law personal statement. Your statement must target the program that you are applying to and not be something that is totally generic sounding.

Our specialize dental application service can provide you with a thorough analysis of your personal statement and aid you with gaining the place you are targeting. Our specialists have all of the qualifications and experience that you would expect and have the writing skills necessary to help you to submit a statement that you will be proud of. We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with the help that we provide for you on your dentistry application.

How Can We Help with Your Dentistry Personal Statement?

Successful dentistry personal statements are capable of grabbing the reader’s attention and will answer the essential questions that they have about the candidate. If you look at our sample dentistry personal statements you will see just how well they are written and the style that is required to make them attention grabbing. You cannot however simply copy them or write them to an easy formula as you are totally unique and your statement must reflect this. It must also reflect what the program really wants to know about you.

This is why our experts will always work directly with you when writing or editing your personal statement for dentistry. This allows then access to the information that they will need to personalize your statement effectively. Our help is always tailored to your own very specific requirements and we can help you with all of the following:

  • Dental school personal statement editing service: we employ editors that hold postgraduate degrees in dentistry and are fully certified at providing editing. They are able to work through your statement to identify all areas that require improvement and to provide you with their suggestions to improve your writing. Our dental school personal statement editing help will always ensure that your writing is free from clichés, wordiness and many other issues while significantly improving the readability of your writing.
  • Dental hygiene and therapy personal statement writing: no matter what area of dentistry you are applying within or at what level our experts are here to help you. Our writers have native level English language skills and writing skills that are exceptional. Each is able to help you to write a personal statement that will be totally unique to you while fully reflecting what they know the committee will want to see.
  • Dental statement analysis: we offer a full critique service that will give you an honest and professional appraisal of what you have written. This will allow you to be able to make the changes that you need to your statement to make it stand out from the many others that the committee will read.
  • Dental personal statement proofreading: we offer a full proofreading service that will be able to identify and eliminate any issues with your writing. After all allowing errors to slip through will quickly sink your application.

dental school personal statement analysis

The Benefits of Working with Us to Analyze Your Dental Personal Statement.

Submitting a personal statement that is not up to scratch is a sure fire way of ensuring that you application will be rejected. With the amount of competition out there for a place every part of your application must be perfectly finished. Our experts fully understand what it takes to get noticed and are fully dedicated to helping you to succeed with your application.

We provide you with all of the following to help make your dreams a reality:

  • Postgraduate qualified dentistry experts with many years of applications expertise
  • Unlimited revisions of your statement until you are completely satisfied
  • Free proofreading so that you can be sure your dental application is free of problems
  • Direct communication with your writers and editors to ensure perfect personalization
  • Unique writing, all work is done from scratch and we provide you with a plagiarism report
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with dental SoP or your money is refunded

Writing Your Perfect Dentistry Personal Statements

Achieving the standard of our example personal statements for dentistry is not an easy task as well as submitting law personal  statement. The following tips from our professionals will help you to improve your writing to the standard that will be expected from you:

  • Always carefully review the specific expectations of the program you apply to and tailor your writing accordingly.
  • Spend extra time on your opening. It must be able to get the full attention of the reader and to make them want to read more about who you are.
  • Tell them a story. Keep their attention by providing them with an interesting yet relevant story about yourself.
  • Avoid any clichés, your writing must be totally original and unique to you and that means avoiding any form of plagiarism and even the use of quotations.
  • Use words that are appropriate for the level of your application. Do not however try to use fancy words and do not use acronyms or any form of slang or emojis.
  • Be relevant with what you write, if it does not forward your aim of being selected for the dentistry program you are applying to then it does not belong in your statement.
  • Proofread and revise your writing carefully. Never submit anything that could contain any problems with your writing.

The University of Washington School of Dentistry suggests the following:

“Remember the personal statement is your chance to let those reading it get to know you. Let your personality and feeling shine through your essay. This is your chance to make a good first impression so that schools will want to eventually interview you.”

Contact our specialized and highly reliable services here today for all of the help that you could need to make your dentistry personal statement stand out from the crowd.