Why Do You Need Personal Statement Feedback?

personal statement analysis helpWhether applying to college or for postgraduate degrees your personal statement is a vital part of your application. Almost all places are oversubscribed and you will have to compete with many others to be able to gain a place. Many will have similar grades to you and this will make your statement the only way that you have to really stand out.

Our personal statement analysis is one way in which we can help you to submit work that is going to get you noticed. Most students fail to cover all of the areas that the committee will be looking for or they will fail to write their statement in a way that is going to be attention grabbing. Our personal statement review service will help you to realize where the issues are within your writing allowing you to correct your statement boosting your chance of getting selected.

Our help writing personal statement pages has been online for several years to provide support for students across all subject areas. Our experts have the skills and knowledge required to be able to help you to identify the changes that you need to make if you are going to win your chosen place. We are sure that you will be fully satisfied with the support that is provided through our highly talented staff.

Our Personal Statement Analysis Is Provided through Skilled Experts

writing personal statement analysisWriting a personal statement for uni with our help is not a case of the blind leading the blind as it is with many other services online. Many of our staff have worked with our services for 5 years or more and have helped many students with their applications successfully. Through us you will always be working with a proven editor that fully understands precisely how your statement needs to be written if you are going to be noticed.

With more than 200 experts to call on for our services we are able to carefully select your specialist editor for your review. You will be able to work with an expert that is:

  • Highly experienced in all aspects of crafting an outstanding personal statement
  • Knows how your application essay should be formatted and structured
  • Fully understands the application process from start to finish
  • Holds relevant qualifications at postgraduate level to your application
  • Knows precisely what the committee will want to read within your statement
  • Has excellent communication and writing skills in native level English

What Application Essay Help Can We Provide for You?

personal statement analysis feedbackThere is no such thing as a general personal statement that you can submit for everything. If you want to impress the committee reviewing your application then your statement must be perfectly tailored to their program and written in a highly personalized manner. Submitting something that is so generic it could be about anyone and for any program is guaranteed to get you overlooked.

This is why you need our experts to support you with your application. They work directly with you through all of our services to ensure the best results with your admission statement of purpose. With our support you can get help with all of the following:

Help writing personal statement

Our writing experts will work directly with you as they will require information about you to match you very specifically to the program that you are applying to if you are to stand out. The writing is done with you and there will never be any copying, nor will we simply complete a few blank parts of a generic template to create your statement. This is not personal letter writing; your personal statement must be able to grab their attention right from the start and shout that you are the best possible selection.

Our experts are fully dedicated to your success and have the skills at writing required to ensure that your statement is going to be able to make you stand out and be memorable. If you should not be fully satisfied with the help that they provide then they will make unlimited changes to the writing until you are happy.

Personal statement analysis

Simply knowing what needs to be changed or improved can be enough for many applicants. Our review service can help you to better understand what is expected from your statement. Our skilled editors will provide you with advice and highlight those parts of your writing that will need to be changed if your application is to be a success.

Editing of your personal statement

The style of your writing is as important as the areas that you have covered. If your writing is boring or full of clich├ęs and other issues then you are not going to be making yourself memorable; at least not for the right reasons. Our editors provide you with a marked up copy of your statement that will show clearly what changes are needed to improve your writing. You have full control over what changes you choose to allow and can request additional or different ones if you feel they are required.

Proofreading help

Everyone, even the most skilled writers, will make mistakes when they write. Leaving these issues in your personal statement when you submit it will almost certainly sink your application. You need to make a perfect impression with your writing and that means it must be free from errors. Our proofreaders are certified and highly skilled and we can guarantee that your work will be totally error free after they have been through it with their fine tooth comb.

Work with the Best Help Writing Personal Statements

personal statement analysis serviceOur aim is always for you to be able to submit a personal statement that you are proud of. We want you to be fully satisfied with the help that we provide and this is why you will always be working with someone that is qualified to help you. Not only that, we also offer you all of the following advantages and guarantees with our help:

  • Guaranteed that your personal statement review will be conducted on time
  • Guaranteed that all writing through our services is unique; a plagiarism report is supplied with every order
  • Free proofreading of your personal statement on every service to eliminate any errors
  • Guaranteed that our help will be provided in a confidential manner
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with our personal statement help or your money is returned to you

Bring your application to a standard that is going to make you stand out and give you an edge over all of your competition with the support of our professional personal statement analysis.